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ATM SPORTS MANAGEMENT LTD is a young, dynamic and rapidly evolving company specializing in the development of the professional sports industry, the organization of sporting events, the representation of athletes, the supply of sports equipment to teams and athletes and the management of sports facilities internationally.

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In a green natural environment such as that of the Solea area, where dense pines and luscious green are all around you, utilizing the sports facilities of the area we created the Solea Sports Center. Its geographical position with the altitude of about 900m, fresh air, the climatic conditions that prevail during the summer season and the modern facilities make it one of the most complete sports training centers of our country which can be well compared with the corresponding high-level sporting centers abroad. With the above comparative advantages, it is not just a coincidence that many first division football teams, football academies and teams of other sports prefer the Soleas Sports Center for their preparation.

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To be able to climb the ladder of success, a footballer needs, in addition to hard work on the field, to have a proper career management as well as to be represented by professionals who negotiate his future consistently and to provide him with the all the legal information


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